We repair shingle roofs as well as new flat decks or partial repair.

Call today for a free estimate we also specialize in drywall repair and texture so all your damages on the interior can be tended to as well.


Other Services

Kirchner Services


We also specialize in maintaining properties, we can remove and trim Trees, Pressure wash walks, driveways and complete exteriors.
We can Rescreen Enclosures. Also we can Paint them or wash them during the process. We have a self contained system with our own water supply making it easier to get around the home. We use professional surface cleaning equipment and only use chemicals if absolutely necessary. We typically service a home every 9 months or 1 year.   (Recommended every 6 months).
We can keep your home looking and feeling crisp and clean always.

Tree Services


We have a complete Tree division at Kirchner Services. We trim Palms of all types. Remove and trim Oaks. We commonly remove limbs from the homes' roof line. Branches encroaching your screen enclosures. Basically, we remove hazardous portions of Trees before they become dangerous.
We blow out all the gutters if necessary and sweep the driveway of leaves and small debris.

"Safety First" is our motto.  We enforce an OSHA approved safety policy.  Hard hats, long pants, eye protection and gloves are always being used.

List of Services

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