Sinkhole and Repairs

Call today for a free estimate we also specialize in drywall repair and texture so all your damages on the interior can be tended to as well.

  • Shower Doors to CoutertopsShower door installations, granite countertops, new sinks, faucets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, mainly any appliance can be repaired or replaced.
  • Sinkhole MitigationWe commonly work with customers with settlement issues.

We are set to deal directly with the insurance companies. Some Sinkhole jobs are small like 30 broken floor tiles and a driveway repair. Some of the largest Sinkhole jobs require require a month of repair and restoration. Stucco removal and repairs are common.

Interior and Exterior Repairs

Repairs are a large portion of our business. Customer ask about the cost to repair items throughout their home. Wood rot repair, Glass repair, Doors, Wall and Floor.
Broken tiles on the wall in the bathroom or on floors, we can repair foundation cracks or cracking under the floor coverings and install new unbroken tile carpet or wood coverings.
Roofing repairs are a big one as well. We repair tile Dalis all the time and pressure wash and seal the tile as we finish this will ensure your new clean fresh roofing tiles stay looking fresh for years to come.

We repair shingle roofs as well as new flat decks or partial repair.

We install all makes and models responsible, respectable, licensed, insured handyman at Kirchner Services.

Enclosure rescreening and rebuilding.

Door kits and bug sweeps too.

We walk with the customer through their homes and take notes on all their concerns call today for a quote on your repair problems. Kirchner Services.

About Booking

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